XenServer VPS Hosting

XenServer Class 1 VPS

شروع از   $32.49 USD

1x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

1024MB RAM

100GB Storage Space

1000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer - CUSTOM Base Server

شروع از   $5.00 USD

This is a base product, with no resources. All resources are added separately

1000GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Static IP.

You are required to add CPU Core, RAM, and Storage Space

Product Includes

XenServer Class 2 VPS

شروع از   $64.99 USD

2x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

2048MB RAM

200GB Storage Space

2000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 3 VPS

شروع از   $97.49 USD

3x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

3072MB RAM

300GB Storage Space

3000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 4 VPS

شروع از   $129.99 USD

4x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

4096MB RAM

400GB Storage Space

4000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 5 VPS

شروع از   $161.49 USD

5x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

5120MB RAM

500GB Storage Space

5000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 6 VPS

شروع از   $194.99 USD

6x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

6144MB RAM

600GB Storage Space

6000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 7 VPS

شروع از   $227.49 USD

7x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

7168MB RAM

700GB Storage Space

7000GB Monthly Bandwidth

XenServer Class 8 VPS

شروع از   $259.99 USD

8x 2.5Ghz Physical CPU Core

8192MB RAM

800GB Storage Space

8000GB Monthly Bandwidth